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Royal Octopus Canal

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Meg Cratty: Electric Ukulele and Vocals
Mr. Strontium: Drums, Percussion, and Vocals
Produced and Mixed by Mr. Strontium
Mastered by KRAMER of Shimmy Disc Records


What's your favorite canal
Erie canal
Love canal
Beijing Hangzhou canal
Chicken lizard canal
Root canal
Oh no
It's heartbreak canal
Heartbreak hotel is dead

I told a lie
It wasn't nice
I should have thought
About it twice
You're so fragile
I didn't realize
I'd take it back
If I could

Big mistake
I wish it away
But it grows
I didn't know
Canal Street
That our love
Where the pretty people meet
Was so special
Where the foxes are fleet
I didn't mean to break it
Royal octopus canal

Won't you break
Or will you bend
To my will

It's not useful
To wallow in it
But self pity
Is comfortable

A mistake
I didn't know
How I felt
I sowed the seeds
In vain
I didn't see
There was no rain

Hello kitty canal
Goodbye cape cod canal