From the recording Main Street Zulus

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Main Street Zulus is the fourth single from The Margaret Hooligans upcoming fourth album, ThunderHole Rock n’ Roll. Main Street Zulus is force of rhythmic drums, distorted tenor guitar, and fierce, angsty vocals. This song imagines the inner monologue of a woman forced to endure the worst blind date ever. The online dating world is fraught with people trying to put their best face forward which means there is frequently a bit of exaggeration. This song takes that idea to its extreme and imagines what it would be like to be stuck on a date with someone who has completely misrepresented who they are. Main Street Zulus is complete with sonic chaos to imagine that churning inner turmoil.

Main Street Zulus is the fourth of eleven singles that will be released through September 2024, with a full album release scheduled for October 2024. It will be available on all streaming platforms, the band’s website and Bandcamp on Tuesday, January 9th.


Take your face away from me
Take your face away
I am not what you seek
And I am not playin'
You think that you're a big man
Standing your only ground
I can't stand the air you breathe
And I will tear you down
But I can't escape
No I can't escape

Why do you persist with me
When you can go away
You think that you're a man of golf
Tell me
But I cannot relate
I can't relate

You watch me while you're schmoozing
You watch me while you grunt
Force me to bear witness
Drone on about the score

You never give me credit
For putting up with you
A monster don't know his evil
While he splits your head in two
You say it's just the business
Surviving the mundane
You want me to congratulate
You on staying sane

Hey I know why
You fear the night
And all its loneliness
So, she made you cry
Did you ask why
You liked her anyway

Why oh why
Oh why
Did you survive
Oh why oh why
I can't escape
No I can't escape