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Revenge Of The ScarJo

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Revenge of the ScarJo is the second single from The Margaret Hooligans upcoming 4th album, ThunderHole Rock n’ Roll. Revenge of the ScarJo imagines a world in which men are subjected to the same sexual harassment that women commonly experience. ScarJo starts with a filthy drum beat and trashy cymbals, followed by a punishing electric ukulele riff, all the while Meg Cratty’s vocals taunt you with phrases of victim blaming that women have heard for decades. When the chorus kicks in, “Equality starts with catcalling but you didn’t like it, did you?”, we realize that the script has been flipped. The drums and fierce crooning vocals guide the song, while one can't help imagining a group of predatory females drunk with their own power.

Revenge of the ScarJo was recorded in the basement of Piety Street Publishing, mixed and produced by Mr. Strontium and was mastered by KRAMER of Shimmy Disc Records. Meg Cratty handles lead vox, electric ukulele and electric guitar. Mr. Strontium takes care of back up vox and drums/percussion.


Do you feel the shame
When they call out your name
Those tight jeans are to blame
She said don't dress that way
Can you feel their stares
As they twirl their hair
They want a piece of you
Don't you want it too

Starts with catcalling

Do you feel insecure
Like your job isn't sure
Unless you smile and nod
While they scope out your bod

Starts with catcalling
But you didn't like it did you

Predator has turned to prey
You're afraid every day
Do you still think it's fair
To legislate my care

Starts with catcalling
But you didn't like it did you
No no no no no
Starts with catcalling
Oh where'd you get those leg bones
But you didn't like it

We want you to understand
How we've lived by your hand
And it continues still
So don't you call me shrill

Starts with catcalling
But you didn't like it, did you?

If the tables were turned
You would feel the burn
You would know how it felt
To be kept on a shelf
We are not playthings
We are not objects