1. Hey Love

From the recording Saturday Night in Bartertown

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Hey Love

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“Hey Love” marks a bit of a departure from their usual tongue and cheek songwriting style, but still retains the classic hallmarks of a Margaret Hooligans tune. It is a bittersweet love song, exploring the death of a relationship, using the metaphor of an astronaut launching himself into space and leaving his loved ones behind as a way of talking about the distance growing between him and his lover. The song is told from the perspective of the lover, wondering if he will remember her as he drifts further away. It has an eerie, ethereal feel, full of psychedelic electric ukulele solos, fuzzed out rhythm uke, crooning vocals, and a steady syncopated beat to drive it all.

“Hey Love” is the second single being released from upcoming album, Saturday Night in Bartertown, due out in July 2023.

released February 10, 2023
Meg Cratty: Vox and Electric Ukulele
Mr. Strontium: Back Up Vox, Drums, and Percussion
Mixed and Mastered by Jon Huxtable of Smallfish Recordings, Edinburgh, UK
Produced by Mr. Strontium
Music and lyrics by The Margaret Hooligans
Album Artwork by Iden Crockett


Hey love
Will you put on your space suit
When you shoot yourself into the sky
Will you take all of your memories
Or will you leave all of us behind

If I called you up
On your spacey phone
Would you be alone
Would you remember

Hey love
I can see you struggling
You can't seem to remember your name
Is there enough air in the atmosphere
Do you find you're losing what is left of your mind

But when I call you home
From your space station
Will you be alone
Will you remember?

You've gone too far
You're living in the stars
You're floating away
You're floating away
I begged you to stay
I begged you to stay

Hey love
You're as far from me as
The moon is from gravity
Is it hard to find your bearings
When your feet never touch the ground
Hey love, I've been trying to reach you
But all I get is your dial tone

So when I call you up
On your spacey phone
It's because I feel alone
I want you to remember