From the recording Turntable Tribulations

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Bippity Boppity is a half-rap half sung tirade against performing constantly for the seemingly insatiable beast that is social media.

Meg Cratty: Lead vox, electric ukulele
Mr. Strontium: Back Up Vox, Drums/Percussion, harmonica
Catniss Evergreen: trumpet
Mixed and Mastered by Jon Huxtable, Smallfish Recordings
Produced by Mr. Strontium
Written by The Margaret Hooligans


Sing a song discordant
Sing it oh so fine
Feed it to your followers
They eat the view divine
Watch you with distaste
Watch you with ice cream
Watch you from the safe distance
Of their LCD screens

Judges on a throne
From their bathroom
Watch you from the basement
Watch you on the moon
You’re the new Truman Show
Watch it as I go
Ham it up for the camera
Better than 80s blow
Dance little monkey
Give me a serenade
I’m a media junkie
You’re the leader of this parade
This ain’t no fine romance
I will swipe when I’m bored
Make every moment tantalize
Make every note soar

Bippity Boppity
Bippity Boppity
Bippity Boppity Boo
Bippity Boppity
Bippity Boppity
Bippity Boppity Boo

But don’t don’t
hem me in
Don’t don’t hem me in
Don’t don’t hem me in

Do you like the way I comb my hair
Do you like my selfie stare
What pleases you feeds you makes you care
Should I dance in a hat prance with my cat
Confess my flaws for your casual apathy
I’ve never tried this much
Your eyes a substitute for touch
Validation in colorful emojis
Your constant need for more
To settle some unseen score
Is draining the life from me

Are you getting a little shy
Is it hard to eat while I cry
You used to live to watch my misery
I’ve peeled off all my layers
All my shame for you to see
Now you watch the other bitch on Channel 3
What more could I do
Lay prostrate in front of you
What more of me could you want to see
I used to own myself
All my thoughts and no one else
Could see me through the damn TV screen

I don’t need you won’t let you watch while I chew
No more witnesses to my daily living
I lost the thread of what’s inside
Stretching too far wide
Bending backwards to forever please you
I live for myself
Don’t need your gaze no nothing else
Keep your two bit thoughts to yourself
You’ve forgotten me but I can finally see
Now the digital gaze has left me

Something’s coming but there’s no you
Something’s coming but there’s no you
Something’s coming
Something’s coming