1. Feedback

From the recording Turntable Tribulations

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Feedback starts with praise from Mr. Strontium in a dodgy Irish accent about Meg’s beautiful voice and a request to hear more. What follows is an unleashing of frustration that everyone must feel in the digital age - an overload of opinions, criticism, and musings that leave them angry and less receptive to views that don’t align with theirs. Executed with driving electric ukulele riffs and powerful drumming, Feedback is a song about opinion overload and it questions the purpose of oversharing. It’s an energetic anthem for the introvert who has found online socializing just as stressful as in person interactions. Being released as our post-Covid world slowly returns to normal, it encapsulates the confusion of trying to figure out what the new rules of civility are.

Meg Cratty: Lead vox, electric ukulele
Mr. Strontium: Back Up Vox, Drums/Percussion
Mixed and Mastered by Jon Huxtable, Smallfish Recordings
Produced by Mr. Strontium
Written by The Margaret Hooligans


I didn't ask for your feedback
I don't care to hear what you have to say
Every little whine you make
Just makes me want to go away

Do you ever listen to your words
What do you think about them now
Before you open that mouth of yours
Think about who's going to hear it first

Sticks and stones break my bones
Sticks and stones break my bones
Sticks and stones break my bones

If I wanted to know what you thought
I would a put a comment box on my sleeve
You could leave me a little note
And I'd punch it back down your throat

But your words they always hurt me
Sticks and stones break my bones
Sticks and stones
They always hurt me

You know what they say about opinions
They've got a lot of fans
Everybody's got 'em just like assholes
And now we're all talking out our woooh

If I wanted to hear you say it
I would ask the question
Why can't you think before you spray it
You're getting your spit all over me
Alright alright alright

Sticks and stones...

Didn't your mom ever teach you
How to use your words
Make them sweet and gentle
Or I'll make you eat your turds

I know you want me to feel bad for you
I know you want something to be true
I know you want to feel part of the crowd
But the crowd isn't up your alley and it's much too loud for you

They break my bones
I don't want your feedback
I don't want your feedback
They never hurt me

I don't want your feedback
I don't want your feedback