From the recording Boombox Blasts


He’s got a girlfriend
He says so
He’s got a girlfriend
But I don’t know
Found her in the basement
Under the stairs
She’s not Harry Potter
But who the flying fuck cares

He thinks about strange things
I can’t explain
Like why he can’t talk to real girls
There’s a hole in his brain
And how Vincent Price wasn’t very nice
But he made a few films
And I sing about them
And get laid at the end

He’s got a girlfriend
But it’s kinda weird
He blows her up every night
Before he trims his beard
She’s a fine companion
But doesn’t talk much
Wants her to meet his friends
But thinks they’re out of touch

Lars and the real girl
Just can’t compare
He takes his doll to the shows
She has a quiet stare
Like weekend at Bernie’s
But kinda sad
She always leans on him
And he looks so rad

He’s a little creepy
But harms no one
Better a plastic girlfriend
Than firing a gun
He can’t connect with people
But he’s not insane
They hurt him too deeply
He needs to stay away

He’s got a girlfriend
We don’t know how
He’s got a girlfriend
We don’t know how

He’s got a
He’s got a